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Collagen and Hyaluronic acid (also known as the active ingredient in dermal fillers) infused patch that is worn under the eye to target under eye problems such as under eye wrinkles, under eye circles, puffy tired eyes, and more. Active ingredients in Eye Rid such as Hyaluronic reduces fine lines and wrinkles by boosting collagen reproduction, repairing damaged collagen,restores skin elasticity, and minimizes eye bags. Eye Rid also contains Cafeisilane C, which minimizes under eye bags by promoting blood circulation and Lymphatic system.
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Eye Rid Under Eye Masks 

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The Hydrating Serum  is the next step after a facial cleansing routine. The Hydrating serum can be used for your entire face, and contains a propietary blend of ingredients that have been prove to:
1. Make Skin Glow Brighter
2. Get Rid of Under Eye Cirlces
3. Make Skin Clear
4. Get Rid Of Crows Feet
5. Get Rid Of Under Eye Bags
100% Guaranteed to work, or money back within the first 2 weeks. 

The Hydrating serum can also be used as a toner or primer before applying may add the Hydrating Serum with your favorite toner and mix them together before use for deep hydration and whitening efficiency.For best result, use three times a week with the Eye Rid under eye mask. The Hydrating Serum diminish blemishes, age spots, and even skin tones leaving your skin soft, supple with a nice sun kissed glow.These can be purchased separately, just fill out the contact form to order without the bundle.
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